I'm Ruben.

Originally from Long Island, NY, I've made Charlotte, North Carolina my home for over five years and have truly fallen in love with the vibrant landscapes and dynamic seasons here. As an outdoor enthusiast, my passions for hiking, running, and cycling blend seamlessly with my photography, driving me to explore and capture the stunning scenery that North Carolina generously offers. The more I experience, the more I am inspired to venture out and embrace the diverse opportunities to engage with nature. Whether you're looking for a photographer familiar with the best local vistas or someone to capture the essence of your outdoor adventures, I'm your guy. Let’s explore the beauty of this region together through the lens.

I specialize in ultramarathon race photography and landscapes—each requiring a unique sensitivity to timing and environment. Capturing the raw endurance of ultramarathon runners and the expansive beauty of nature drives my passion for revealing stories through imagery. Whether it’s the grit of a competitor pushing their limits or the serene pause within a sweeping vista, my camera is there to capture the essence of the moment.

While I have specific areas of focus, my curiosity and flexibility lead me to embrace a variety of projects. Whether you're looking for dynamic event coverage, compelling portraits, or stunning scenic captures, I am eager to discuss how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Let’s create something beautiful together!

From grass-roots


With roots in film photography, I honed skills on a classic Pentax K1000, and developed a deep appreciation for the blend of patience and spontaneity required in capturing moments that speak volumes. My journey began in the analog realm, learning to cherish each frame, manually adjusting focus and exposure to craft the perfect shot. This meticulous attention to detail has carried over into my digital work, where I now blend traditional techniques with modern technology.